May 28, 2020 Webinar for providers of digital health applications: Ways into the German healthcare market

Today Germany is playing a leading role in the European digital health landscape by introducing a defined reimbursement path for digital health applications (DiGA). Manufacturers of digital innovations can now submit applications for reimbursement of their supply products and services. If they are successful with this newly created reimbursement procedure, they will have access to a market of around 73 million people covered by statutory health insurance. This is because since the end of 2019 they have been entitled to a DIGA prescribed by their doctor under the motto: "App on prescription".

In a webinar “The German Digital Health Care Act – A new path to reimbursement for digital solutions” initiated by „Berlin Partner“, an investment and trade promotion agency, IGES experts will explain how exactly the procedure works and what products are involved. This online offer is aimed primarily at international manufacturers of digital products.

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Key information about the webinar:

  • Event: Live-Webinar
  • Topic: Market Access and Commercial Success for Digital Health Products in Germany
  • Background: With its Digital Health Care Act Germany is the only country in Europe to date to have a legal basis for a system dedicated to the reimbursement of digital health care products. This is unique and represents a great opportunity for international providers of digital healthcare products.
  • Learning Objective: Learn about the exact conditions that German law imposes on the reimbursement of innovative healthcare products and see how international companies can benefit from it.
  • Date and time: Tuesday, 05/28/2020, 11am-12pm (US Eastern Time) / 5-6pm (CET)
  • Speakers: Jean Dietzel, Director of Health Insurance, IGES Institut, Julian Ramirez, Project Manager, Berlin Partner
  • Organizer: Berlin Partner, IGES Institut
  • Registration (free of charge): Register here