IGES Life Science Team

Prof. Dr. Bertram Häussler

Prof. Dr. Bertram Häussler

Chairman of the Board of Management

 Fabian Berkemeier

Fabian Berkemeier

Strategic market access consulting

 Michael Branagan-Harris

Michael Branagan-Harris

Market access of medical devices

 Jean Dietzel

Jean Dietzel

Director of Health Insurance (IGES)

Dr. Holger Gothe

Dr. Holger Gothe

Routine data analysis

Dr. Ariane Höer

Dr. Ariane Höer

Retrospective analysis and forecasts in the SHI drug market

Dr. Mehdi Javanbakht

Dr. Mehdi Javanbakht


 Wioletta Kotowa

Wioletta Kotowa

Preparation of dossiers for the early benefit assessment

Dr. Marc Kurepkat

Dr. Marc Kurepkat

Clinical studies

Dr. Tilo Mandry

Dr. Tilo Mandry

Business Development International

Dr. Stephan Ruckdäschel

Dr. Stephan Ruckdäschel

Health Economics & Outcomes Research

 Michael Weisser

Michael Weisser

Reimbursement of medical devices